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City Building Permits & Information

Do I Need a Permit?

Most property improvement or building projects in the City of Alleman require a permit. Some may require multiple permits depending on the scope of work being completed. Some examples of projects that need a permit that you may not think of are sidewalks, driveway paving construction or replacement, some sheds, and all fencing. It is important that you check with City Hall prior to starting the project and comply with all applicable building codes and permits.

The purpose of building codes are to provide minimum standards to safeguard life, health, property and public welfare by regulating the improvement of property within the city limits of Alleman. Strong and consistent building codes provide assurance to the general public that the structures on their property are built to a certain level of quality. 

Processing time varies for each permit. Our staff works to provide a high quality of review while also keeping turnaround time in mind. Various factors affect processing time including staff workload, complexity of project, legibility, quality and completeness of permit submitted, amongst others. We appreciate your understanding and patience in the permitting process. 

Incomplete applications may be denied or processing may be put on hold until a completed application is submitted. It is not the responsibility of city staff to fill out or otherwise provide information required on any applications submitted to the City for review. 

Websites & Information you may find helpful in completing certain aspects of permits include:

  • Iowa One Call– Iowa law states that if you are excavating, including digging, you must call Iowa One Call at least 48 hours in advance.

  • Polk County’s GIS website – useful for providing specific property information such as legal description for Polk County properties. 

  • 2018 Adopted Building Code Series

Building Inspection Information

All formal building permits and trade permits require an inspection of the work performed. The city has signed a service agreement with Veenstra & Kimm, based in West Des Moines, to provide building and trade permit review and inspection services, and has adopted the 2018 Building code series. Upon completing a permit, please send it to Alleman City Hall, attention City Clerk, where it will be processed. Once plan review is completed, Alleman City Clerk will contact you to let you know the work is approved to proceed. From that point, the process is turned over to Veenstra & Kimm. V & K staff can be contacted by phone at 515-850-2980 to schedule an inspection. A 24 hour notice is needed for all inspections.

Completed applications accompanied with appropriate fees can be sent to City of Alleman at City Hall, 14000 NE 6th Street, Alleman, Iowa 50007. Cash or checks are accepted. 

The fee schedule can be seen by clicking here, which was reviewed and approved by Alleman City Council.


Building Permit Application

Application for Appeal

Trade Permit Application

Demo Permit Application

Fence Permit Application

Right of Way Application

Other Useful Applications and Permits:

Street Tree Planting Application

How Do I Submit a Permit?

At City Hall, City Clerk Shari Buehler is the main point of contact for all permits. Amanda Woods is the point of contact for the Planning & Zoning Board and Scott Andreas for the Board of Adjustment. Questions that are more technical or whose answers are not clearly specified in the code sections provided above can be submitted to Veenstra & Kimm at 515-850-2980 or

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