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Womens Softball

Small Town Softball Tournament

Grinnell Mutual present a 2 day tournament for oftball teams from towns with a high school enrollment of less than 700 students and in a city with less than 50,000 people. Players from each team must be enrolled in the same school district

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Cardboard Recycling

A recycling receptical for cardboard is located at City Hall. More information is linked below.

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2020 Census Jobs

The Census is hiring for a variety of temporary jobs including census takers, recruiting assistants, office staff and supervisors. 

Christmas Lights
Holiday Tree Lighting
Sunday November 28th; 5:30 pm
Trick or Treat 
Sunday October 31st; 6-8 pm
Children Lining for Treats
Trunk or Treat
A Central Elementary Event 
North Polk Middle School Parking Lot
October 24th; 4-5:30 pm
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Fall Newsletter -
School is back in session. Get the latest news in Alleman.
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Are Fireworks legal in Alleman?
Alleman allows fireworks from June 1 – July 8 and Dec. 10 – Jan. 3rd each year during the hours of 9 am -10 pm, between the hours 9 am - 11 pm on July 4th and the Saturdays & Sundays immediately preceding and following the July 4th Holiday.

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Alleman High 
School History
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Cardboard Recycling